Content: A2: Advanced Solving Technology for Dynamic and Reactive Applications

A2: Advanced Solving Technology for Dynamic and Reactive Applications

Research in the first phase of the project has focused on the development of answer set solving technology for incremental and reactive reasoning, preferential reasoning, and Boolean constraint solving. Moreover, basic techniques for reactive multi-context systems and argumentative reasoning were developed. These results are necessary prerequisites for the second phase. Here, rather than further developing the underlying solver, we want to investigate advanced reasoning methods that will be realized on top of the existing solver. In doing so, we will extend the range of reasoning methods and address in particular uncertainty reasoning. But we also want to integrate the studied forms of reasoning in new ways and investigate new relevant aspects. In particular, we want to study combinations of uncertainty reasoning and ASP, respectively argumentation; we will substantially generalize the preferential reasoning methods developed in the first phase; we will study new forms of theory-based reasoning; and we further investigate reactive and interactive forms of reasoning. The overall goal is to provide hybrid reasoning methods that are sufficiently expressive to handle complex decision making problems.

On top of the advanced reasoning methods, we will build a general framework for complex hybrid problem solving. This level will focus on interactive, hybrid methods for decision making and for argumentation. Finally, the developed methods and frameworks will be tested in applications from the field of logistics, namely logistic systems design, autonomous logistic vehicles, and RoboCup logistics.