Content: A2: Advanced Solving Technology for Dynamic and Reactive Applications

A2: Advanced Solving Technology for Dynamic and Reactive Applications

The project aims at developing declarative problem solving methodology and tools for applications requiring incremental and reactive forms of reasoning. We want to accomplish this by means of Answer Set Programming (ASP), a promising solving paradigm tailored towards applications in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, owing its attractiveness to an appealing combination of a rich yet simple modeling language with high-performance solving capacities.

The project will further develop the ASP paradigm to serve the needs of applications with rapidly changing information. This requires to advance existing techniques for incremental solving, to develop a methodology and corresponding tools for reactive, online forms of ASP solving, and to develop new, powerful preference handling and optimization techniques. Reactive reasoning requires the integration of heterogeneous information. This problem will be addressed by the development of reactive multi-context systems which combine the integration capabilities of multi-context systems with the online capabilities of reactive ASP. The developed concepts and tools will be evaluated in several guiding applications for which excellent expertise is available in the consortium, most importantly automated planning and robotics. They will also be used for the development of a reactive approach to argumentation.

Ricochet Robots with ASP/Potassco

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