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Multi-Shot Stream Reasoning in Answer Set Programming: A Preliminary Report

In Open Journal of Databases 1, pp. 33-38

Authors:Philipp Obermeier, Javier Romero, Torsten Schaub
Type:Article in Journal
Publication Date:January 2019

Abstract: he past, we presented a first approach for stream reasoning using Answer Set Programming (ASP). At the time, we implemented an exhaustive wrapper for our underlying ASP system, clingo, to enable reasoning over continuous data streams. Nowadays, clingo natively supports multi-shot solving: a technique for processing continuously changing logic programs. In the context of stream reasoning, this allows us to directly implement seamless sliding-window-based reasoning over emerging data. In this paper, we hence present an exhaustive update to our stream reasoning approach that leverages multi-shot solving. We describe the implementation of the stream reasoner's architecture, and illustrate its workflow via job shop scheduling as a running example.

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